Dangerous Visions

Since Heroes for Sale closed in Inverness last year, I have been buying comics in Glasgow once every six weeks or so, or on the very rare trip to Aberdeen.


Last week was FCBD and I visited Forbidden Planet and Plan 9 (above) in the Granite City. My highlights were the Dark Circle comic, reviving Archie’s legendary Black Hood and Fox ( for, I think, the fourth time since I discovered the Mighty Crusaders in an Alan Class comic.)


Also, The All-New, All-Different Avengers by Waid and Mahmud Asrar gave a glimpse of the Avengers-to-be: a much younger line-up with Nova, Miles Morales and Kamala Khan.

The new Ms. Marvel, along with Guardians 3000 and Captain America and the Mighty Avengers are must-reads for me ( also DC’s Batman ’66 and Astro City). I’m delighted to see Kamala in the Assemblers but less thrilled by the new movie Vision’s, er, envisioning.

It is amazing, of course, that there IS a movie Vision- even if he owes more to Adam Warlock than Wonder Man. But I felt his introduction was rather rushed in the melee that is Avengers:Age of Ultron.


It would be hard to beat Captain America :The Winter Soldier- for my money, the best Marvel movie and one I also saw in the Moray Playhouse. This loose adaptation of “Ultron Unlimited” came quite close, as you’ll see. Spoilers ahead! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED


 The Pros:

The Beauty/Beast relationship of Banner and Natasha.

Villains galore, including Baron Strucker, Klaw and Thanos.

Hawkeye’s secret domestic life and the whole bait-and-switch about his mortality.

Thor as a humorous character.

The Maximoffs’ Eastern European acc-zint.


The island in the sky sequence, inspired, I’m sure by Jim Shooter’s Graviton story.

The Old Order Changeth in the final scenes!

The cons:

Too many Avengers! Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vizh, Falcon and War Machine in addition to the sextet from the first film.

The Death of Pietro.

The Vision’s terrible parti-colour design.

The horrid story of the Widow’s sterilisation.


There was far too much sturm und drang for me- but the Avengers were always fighting among themselves and the division with Stark will doubtless fuel  Captain America: Civil War. So, a good popcorn blockbuster but perhaps not a great one.

However, we shouldn’t forget the small screen’s contribution to a golden age of super-heroes in mass media. On Arrow, we’ve met Black Canary, Katana, Nyssa Raatko and Roy Harper; while on The Flash, Ray Palmer, Professor Zoom and Vibe ( probably) Even the lacklustre Agents of SHIELD has introduced the Absorbing Man and an iteration of the Inhumans. ‘Xcitin’!

Check in here or on Some Fantastic Place on Blogger for an upcoming post on DC’s “Convergence” event.

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2 comments on “Dangerous Visions

  1. Kid Robson says:

    I must confess to being disappointed with what they did to Pietro. Having said that, I was also disappointed he didn’t have the same hairstyle as in the comics. What was the point of introducing Wanda & Pietro in – was it the last X-Men movie? I can’t remember – whichever one it was, only to kill him? Perhaps his superhuman metabolism will reject the bullets and he’ll be returned to life. Or maybe it’ll happen some other way, let’s hope so.

  2. Douglas Clark says:

    Wanda and Pietro in Future Past weren’t twins- she was very much younger. While,in Ultron, they weren’t even mutants. Both films are set, because of rights issues, in different universes- it’s rather tiresome for us! I suspect they’re Inhumans in Age of Ultron; the Agents of SHIELD series introduced that concept (although they’re not named as such to my knowledge, they are described as Kree experiments)

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