Batman Bizarre

This morning’s post continues  our celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary with Batman 193, an 80-page giant cover-dated August 1967.


This was a recent purchase on ebay. Here are some contemporary comics from that month, which I actually read around that time (this is the same month that Jim Shooter’s epic “Legion Chain Gang”appeared):


For a long time, the oldest Flash comic I owned


My introduction to DC”s parody book


Another parody, this time of Shazam/Captain Marvel- although I didn’t realise for a few years.

Ride Bat-Hombre Ride: Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc. made reference to this adventure. Mantegua, a version of Argentina, is plagued by creepy, sadistic criminal El Papagayo. The country requests Batman trains up a Bat-Hombre to combat him. But the new hero turns out to be a criminal imposter. Campy fun south of the border. (1)

The Armoured Batman: Snoopy Vicki Vale discovers that the Dynamic Duo have dressed as knights in order to retrieve stolen radioactive material.  Wacky.(6)

His Majesty, King Batman: King Eric of Norania swaps identities with Bats but the impetuous royal enjoys super-heroing a little too much. An amusing twist on the Bat-Impersonator trope. (2)

Batman and the Vikings: A charming fable in which the Dynamic Duo time travel via hypnosis. Investigating the mystery of Bruce Wayne’s cowardly Viking double, B&R voyage to Vinland (America).(3)

Mayor Bruce Wayne: An imposter tries to “out” Wayne as Batman when Bruce is elected mayor of Gotham City.(4)

The Flying Batman: A lost valley of South American birdmen is ruled by a criminal clan. Batman undergoes an operation to gain wings and the story ends on a “could it all have been a dream?” note. Poor and silly.(7)

Syndicated Story: An extended, earnest public service announcement about forest rangers. Psychogically interesting, it incorporates not one but two pyromaniacs(!) but the woodland setting doesn’t really suit B&R.(5)

This issue is difficult to distinguish from the previous giant, especially in visual terms. Even in the dying days of the Pop Art- tv Batman craze, other Bat-books still reflected the impact of the Caped Crusader:


I didn’t own a copy of this until the late 80s.


Never read or owned this one but…wow.

There’s also an advert for Showcase, starring the Maniaks: a comedy pop group and a DC strip I’ve never read; one that guest-starred Woody Allen when he was best-known as a stand-up comedian.


Coming soon: the All-Villain 80-page Giant


All images are presumed copyright of their respective owners


2 comments on “Batman Bizarre

  1. Kid Robson says:

    Regarding that ish of Action Comics, I recall buying it from my local newsagent’s around 1971 at the same time as Superman #233 – which shows what a mix of comics were available in Scotland at the time. Many years later, I acquired what I thought was the second part of the story – only to discover many years after that, that it was part three, not part two. I acquired part one a few years back, but if you didn’t know it existed, you’d never miss it. It’s a tale that could have been told in one ish, so stretching it over three is a bit of a cheek on DC’s part.

    • Dougie says:

      I think I read that Action issue around 1970- definitely not in the year it was published. I seem to recall 60s Marvels and DCs popping up well into 1972.

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