Little Purple Space Dog

There have been press announcements about new recurring character Danny Pink and the Titan comics written by my new favourite Al Ewing but I’m focusing on a short Dr. Who audio post today:

The King of Sontar: The Fourth Doctor and Leela arrive at the hq of Sontaran super-soldier Strang, played of course by Dan Starkey. I can remember next to nothing about this story aside from the guest appearance of 70s Saphhire & Steel star David Collings- and that Tom Baker suddenly sounds elderly. This range is turning out to be extremely disappointing. (1/5 Talmars)


1963: The Space Race: the second installment of a Big Finish 50th anniversary trilogy, which takes the Sixth Doctor and Peri to the Sovite soace program. Essentially this is an animal rights story with a sci-fi setting. The central menace is competely ridiculous – clues lie in this post’s title and the missing cosmonaut’s question “What is red”? However, at times this audio is chilling and it has two terrific cliffhangers. It could never work on tv but it could as a modern comic book or even as a particularly batty novel. (4/5 Talmars)

1963: The Assassination Games: I won this disc in a DWM competition ( and the third time I’ve done so!). It’s a cross-over with BF’s Counter Measures series, which features a UNIT prototype organisation in the Sixties. The Seventh Doctor impersonates an MP in a parody of the Profumo Affair. An Illuminati-type group called The Light turns up late in the story but it’s a very workaday ending to the trilogy. Two duds from John Dorney in one post…(2/5 Talmars)


Afterlife: Jean Boht guest stars as Hex’s granny in the sequel to the cosmic chess game Gods and Monsters. That gotterdammerung didn’t really work on audio and its aftermath is quite low-key and down to earth at first, as Ace and Seven come to terms with Hex’s self-sacrifice. However, embroiled in a gangland war in a near-future Liverpool, the greiving Ace encounters night club owner Hector…

Afterlife‘s supernatural elements reminded me of Whedon’s Angel and Philip Schofield plays Hex’s doppleganger with a slightly harsher edge. It’s a very interesting development for the character and occult storylines work well for McCoy’s Doctor. (5/5 Talmars) 

Coming soon: The Web of Fear and Dark Eyes 2

Next: Batman Swoops Down

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One comment on “Little Purple Space Dog

  1. Kid Robson says:

    It occurs to me that Colin Baker would have a hard time reprising his role of the Doctor on TV – he looks nothing like what he does in that cover illo. Peter Davison would also need a toupee and CGI assistance to look like he did as the Doctor They’ve found a substitute for Hartnell, so they need to do the same for The two Bakers and Davidson for any future anniversary get togethers..

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