Christmas on Infinite Earths

Today’s post continues a short series of Yuletide comic reviews and looks at the DCU Infinite Holiday Special from Feb 2007.

I don’t remember this comic at the time- Xmas 2006 was my second in Cumbernauld Road and about a month away from my interview for teacher training. It was the first Xmas I shopped on Amazon ( for the Cyberman box set of Doctor Who Series Two). It was also ( I think ) the year I spent Hogmanay with Gary and Lucy in the former GPO Building on George Square. Certainly it was after an unhappy time in King Lear, where I was miscast as Kent; and after the MediaWorks debacle ( the alleged mismanagement of that project and others is curently the focus of the 100 Promises Campaign)


A Hector Hammond Christmas: John Byrne’s classical style is wasted on what is essentially a seedy  Lector/Starling scene between Hammond and Hal Jordan. Derivative and predictable.

Christmas Spirits: A playful Bill Willingham story in which the Shadowpact play a prank on Santa. Phantom Stranger is lampooned quite mercilessly. Good fun but quite an adult tone.

All I Want for Christmas: Joe Kelly ‘s Supergril- the faintly slutty “Britney” version- reunites a family at Xmas. Manipulative but characterful vignette for a young heroine who should have far more status in the DCU

Gift of the Magi: Deeply obscure episode of the Trials of Shazam. The Elders, in human form, foil a human sacrifice in a Hellfire Club-type institution.Tony Bedard makes an inappropriate joke about The 40-year-Old Virgin which says a lot about DC’s demographic.

Father Christmas: Flash- Bart Allen, formerly Impulse and Kid Flash, is snapped out of a Yuletide funk by first Flash, Jay Garrick. A sentimental but effective short.

Lights: A wordy Greg Rucka story about the Jewish faith of lesbian Batwoman. Kate Kane strikes me a flinty, modern reimagining of the 60s/70s Batgirl but she does have presence.

Yes, Tyrone, there is a Santa Claus: Kelley Puckett writes an amusing satire of the early Silver Age World’s Finest. Beginning with a classic, corny Daily Planet set-up, this short concludes with a farcical scene featuring Bat-Santa.


This is better than the 2010 special featured last week but it still has a rather, snarky adolescent tone.

Coming soon: a DC Xmas Treasury Seventies special

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One comment on “Christmas on Infinite Earths

  1. Kid Robson says:

    I never saw this comic at all. I seem to have lost all interest in DC mags – unless they’re reprints of classics.

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